Make your payment here

This service is for Herdshare members and others to pay invoices, buying club orders, etc.

This service is not for buying herdshares.  If you are not already a herdshare member, please visit our Herdshare page to become one.

*A 5% Handling Fee Will Be Applied To Each Transaction.

If you do not see the payment buttons above, please reload the page.  If that doesn't work, than its a security measure in your browser preventing the button from showing.  Contact us and we can send you a button that works by email.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Reoccurring Payment Setup

For Herdshare Members looking to set up a monthly payment, we offer reoccurring payment options here. Just select the share option that fits your share ownership and that's it. Your monthly boarding fees will be automatically set to pay every month.

If you have a share ownership that is not on our list of options, just let us know and we can add that option for you.

Exact PayPal fees will be added to reoccurring total after setup.

Biblical Payment & Barter

Got some junk silver sitting around? Do you produce a goods or service? We accept silver and gold coin at spot price for payment on any purchase.  We also respect the age old system of bartering the value of goods and services.  Reach out.  You never know when there is an opportunity to trade honest value for honest value.




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