Herdshare Delivery Perks

Herdshare member delivery perks.  Shop at our farm store and have it delivered with your milk. 

If you want any whole chicken or parts, review our poultry page and email me an order.  We cant list these products here because of the weight differences between packages.

As a perk for our herdshare members, we offer the service for our members to shop from our farm store every week, and have it delivered with their assigned milk delivery.  Members may pay for it when they checkout, or simply charge it to their next boarding invoice. Please read through these instructions before ordering.

This service requires that your herdshare account has no delinquent invoices due.  Any account running a past due balance after the 5th of each month will not be able to charge items to their invoice.  Any orders made will be cancelled.
No orders on weekends.  Our farm store is open, come on out and see us.  Otherwise, we will reset the new inventory at the end of the weekend.
We will open up ordering Sunday evening every week with an updated current inventory.
Be sure to place your order by the end of the day on the day before your delivery.  Orders placed on the day of a milk delivery may not be delivered and will need reordered the following week after the new inventory is set.
Please note! If you are set up on a reoccurring invoice payment plan, you will need to pay for these deliveries separately. The automatic payments will not pay the remaining balance on the invoices. You can choose to charge it to invoice, but you will need to be sure to pay your herdshare delivery perks manually.
In order to invoice your purchase, follow the checkout prompts in the cart.
You will find your orders at the drop in bags with your name tag on it.  Look through the fridge for dairy and cheese and fermented food items; in the freezer for any meats; and on the side of the fridge for any baking supply, grains and flours, etc.
Any invoices delivered on or before the 15th of each month will go on that invoice sent out on the 15th, and will be due on the 1st of the next month.
Out of stock items will not be on the lists.
When we restock the store and/or have new items available, you will find categories below featuring those specific items.
Please check the weights of items.  Prices reflect the full weight of the item in description.

We hope you enjoy all of our wonderful products.  Eat well!