2023 Turkey Preorder


$25 fee to reserve your spot on our turkey preorder for 11/19/22.  PLEASE NOTE, this is a non refundable fee should purchase be cancelled.  See info below.

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This fee is for the secure spot on our 2022 fall turkey preorder.  Pickup will be on 11/19/22. This is non-refundable fee. Serious commitment required.  The reserve fee will come off the final total of the purchase due on pickup.

The purpose of the reservation fee is a token of commitment to our program, and a small insurance to cover the cost of any marketing needed to sell canceled purchase.

Raising turkeys is risky business.  Many unforeseen circumstances arise in a season, predators being our number one loss factor.  A full refund will be made if we are unable to fill this order in our 2022 turkey preorder.

Our daughter Sarah solely owns and operates the turkey program here on the farm. From poult to plate, Sarah is the dedicated caretaker of the turkey on the farm, and the quality of her devotion shines in the quality of the products she makes.

The breed of turkey she raises is Bourbon Reds, a heritage turkey breed developed in Pennsylvania and Kentucky in the late 1800’s. Bourbon Reds are great foragers and do well on pasture. We maintain a breeding stock and produce all of our birds on farm. For more information on our turkey breed, visit the wiki page.

Be sure to check out our Turkey page for pricing.