Catalog and Order Form Download

With the new catalog, we are changing up the way we are doing our buying club.  Instead of going through our source catalog and pulling items and prices for ours, we are simply just going to give you all access to the full catalog we are working with.  That means you will have access to at cost prices, and instead of us manually adding the mark up to each individual item, we will just have you add the 15% markup to your order form when you total it up. 
There are thousands of new items to find in this, so we hope it's not too overwhelming.  If you are just looking up items you may have already chosen, just look them up in the new catalog by brand.
Please note, raw dairy and cheeses are on the last 2 pages.

Note about order form

-Please include brand name and item number on the order form

-You do not have to calculate online fees if you are paying online, as our new website automatically makes the adjustment.  DO NOT CIRCUMVENT ONLINE PAYMENT FEES!  We are barely making anything off of your order.  If we get stuck paying the online fees, it sticks us with paying a portion of your order.  Our website payment page is up and running and working for everyone.  You can pay online here:

The schedule for the upcoming delivery is as follows.

Orders in by:                August 12th 

Payments due by:        August 19th 

Delivery/pickup:          August 23rd and after

Attached you will find our catalog and an order form.  Please fill out the order form and submit it to me by the end of August 12th with a total.  I will verify your total and you can pay by mail with a check, or online (fees apply) by August 19th
Please have payments on time to avoid missing your order. 
I will be back and scheduling deliveries or pickup on farm between the 23rd and 25th.  You will receive a check with your delivery or pickup for any items that were not in stock, if there are any.

If there is any questions or problems navigating the new catalog, please reach out.  Thank you all.



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