Fresh, Free Range Eggs


Are you sad every time you come to market and you cant find farm fresh free range eggs? Finding it frustrating that even when trying to get there early to get what little supply is available your still going home empty handed? Goshen Homestead is about to change all of that come next market season!


We are happy to announce that coming next market season we will be offering Eggs full time at market! Not only are we going to provide a lions share of eggs to the market next season, you can rely on us that our free ranged farm fresh eggs will not be raised on GMO commercial feed, pumped full of antibiotics and steroids nor raised in any kind of confinement!



The chickens we are raising for the 2016 season are Barred Rock, which are black and white, and Buff Orpington which are a beautiful golden color. We ordered all Buff Orpington but the hatchery sent us a whole shipment of Barred Rock by accident. While we wont be breeding them, we have raised Rocks before and we do like the output they give.


Click the link for more information on our Pastured Poultry!



This post was edited to add the picture progress on 12/8