Starting our Apiary


We just made our first major investment for our 2016 beekeeping venture. We have the boxes, equipment and desire, just need the winter to pass so we can get the bees going. We hope to have honey next year God willing. Looking forward to the winter of learning we have ahead of us to fulfill the goal of having a land flowing with milk and honey.

Our son Nathan is fascinated with beekeeping. Ever since I could remember anytime we passed bee boxes on the side of the road he begged me to stop so he could watch the bees. He now studies volumes on the subject at age 10 (and probably knows more then me at this point)and is fully excited that we are beginning this adventure.

Our goal is to get our Apiary up and running with the full intention to pass this operation off to him as he grows older and more capable to do it himself. We are so blessed and grateful by his enthusiasm and his desire to start his own operation and we hope to see how this whole adventure turns out. With luck we will become a source for some locally produced honey as time goes on.