Dilution is Solution

Back in 2015, My family and I started our farm business Goshen Homestead.  We were already producing pasture raised poultry and free ranged eggs, and were implementing a herdshare program in Southwest Virginia as our launching product.  For the 8 years prior to that, we had been milking our own jersey cow for our family…

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Launching our Herdshares

The arrival of Goshen Homestead has come! This Saturday at market we will be launching our herdshare operation and if you have any interest whatsoever of signing into a share and receiving your first delivery I need to know now of your intentions. We will only be bringing enough milk to cover those who have…

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Making the Local Paper

McIntyre Family of Goshen Homestead

Raise a Glass of Raw Milk to Herdsharing People who enjoy the benefits of drinking raw cow milk — milk that’s not been homogenized or pasteurized — soon will have the opportunity to purchase their own cow from a local Abingdon Farmers Market vendor. That’s right. A cow. Dwayne McIntyre, his wife Stacey, and their…

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